Testimonials from our clients

Testimonial - John Stevens

A testimonial from John Stevens (PhD Agronomy) founder and director of Flexiseeder Ltd.

John Stevens (PhD Agronomy) is founder and director of Flexiseeder Ltd involved with the research, development and production of agricultural machinery around the world. When John wanted to update plot seeder machinery he included Ian Close and the Casting Shop as part of his development team.

“I have worked with foundries internationally and I can safely say there is no one in the world better at what he does than Ian and the team at Casting Shop. 90 percent of our product is exported into developed economies.

“From the concept stage, through research and development, to testing and production Ian’s assistance was pivotal.

“This has grown to a $2 million development project and accuracy was a key part of what we had to achieve if it was to be successful on the world stage.

“Plot seeder machinery hadn’t kept up to date with modern requirements in some key areas and as part of updating the machinery to international standards we had to be able to cast components which had not been cast before.

“Ian’s ability as a lateral thinker, his ability to work as part of a team and the quality of the finished work means the completed product is now a major player in the international market.

“We would not have got this far without the assistance of Ian, Rosemary and the Casting Shop team.”

- John Stevens, founder and director, Flexiseeder Ltd